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Around the Web: Novel Writing Advice, Book Acknowledgements, Book Sculptures, and Charles Dickens

Hello again, readers! This week, I’m sharing some advice for novel writers, an essay on the charm and significance of book acknowledgements, some cool book sculptures, and a piece on Charles Dickens’s secret bookcase door.

How To Keep Writing Your Novel

Sophie Playle has some advice for writers who might be having trouble finishing their novels. The first step is identifying the problem. Check out the blog post on Liminal Pages for more.

Book Acknowledgements

It’s easy to finish reading a story and close a book without reading the acknowledgement, but Ayden Leroux makes an argument for the importance of acknowledgements in this Electric Lit essay.

Book Sculptures

If you don’t find modifying books off-putting, check out these sculptures by Stephen Doyle. Doyle makes 3D works of art that celebrate the power of language by transforming books.

Charles Dickens’s Bookcase Door

What book lover hasn’t imagined having a bookcase door to obscure the entrance to a secret room? Charles Dickens actually had one, complete with fake books. Lit Hub has the details.


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