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Around The Web: Library Memories, Black History Month Resources, and Writing Advice

Welcome back, dear readers. This week I have for you some library memories, some Black History Month resources, some advice for keeping track of characters, and some top novelists on how to write a novel.

Library Memories

Libraries are currently closed in my city as part of lockdown measure, so coming across this collection of cherished library memories was a welcome reminder of what libraries mean to their patrons. Check them out and maybe you’ll be reminded of your own library memories.

Lee & Low’s Black History Month Resources

It’s Black History Month and Lee & Low Books have put together a list of resources for the occasion. It includes information on Black representation in publishing, some great book lists, and some webinar links for educators. And though this resource list was created for this month, it’s got information that’s valuable all year long.

Keeping Track of Characters

Writers, this one is for you—especially if your writing includes large casts of characters. Rebecca Sacks, author of City of a Thousand Gates, has shared her method for tracking characters with Lit Hub and it includes lots of index cards and clothes pins.

How To Write a Novel

Since we’re on writing advice, why not check out Esquire’s collection of tips from ten novelists, including Rebecca Watson and Giles Foden. These are quick novel-writing tips, but they’re informative and they provide a bit of insight into writing life.


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