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Around The Web: The Global Pandemic, Publishing Industry and Literary Easter Eggs

Hello again, readers! Those of you who regularly follow publishing news will know that the industry is experiencing a lot of change currently. So this week, I’m sharing a few stories that explain what’s going on, including a piece from the New York Times about staff changes and another that focuses on the challenges Canadian publishers are facing. I’ve also got a post about how COVID-19 has changed book launches. But it’s not all serious, I’ve also got a fun look at literary Easter eggs.

Publishing Is Changing

How COVID-19 Infected Publishing


In Canada, we’ve already seen a number of book stores and presses close thanks to infrastructure issues that have been exacerbated because of the pandemic. With a look into the history of Canadian literature and publishing, the Walrus describes some of these issues.

Creative Book Launches


Book launches usually take place on a book’s release date and feature in-person gatherings at which an author gets to meet readers. Not so in the era of COVID-19. As Publisher’s Weekly describes, authors have had to get creative with their launches. Check it out to hear about virtual readings and drive-in book signings.

Literary Easter Eggs

egg hunt

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