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Around The Web: The Global Pandemic, Publishing Industry and Literary Easter Eggs

Hello again, readers! Those of you who regularly follow publishing news will know that the industry is experiencing a lot of change currently. So this week, I’m sharing a few stories that explain what’s going on, including a piece from the New York Times about staff changes and another that focuses on the challenges Canadian publishers are facing. I’ve also got a post about how COVID-19 has changed book launches. But it’s not all serious, I’ve also got a fun look at literary Easter eggs.

Publishing Is Changing

Deaths and retirements have brought about change at some major publishers this year. The New York Times describes this as “a rare moment of transformation” that may influence the kind of books that find their way onto bookshelves and takes a quick look at the new faces who will be behind these decisions.

How COVID-19 Infected Publishing


In Canada, we’ve already seen a number of book stores and presses close thanks to infrastructure issues that have been exacerbated because of the pandemic. With a look into the history of Canadian literature and publishing, the Walrus describes some of these issues.

Creative Book Launches


Book launches usually take place on a book’s release date and feature in-person gatherings at which an author gets to meet readers. Not so in the era of COVID-19. As Publisher’s Weekly describes, authors have had to get creative with their launches. Check it out to hear about virtual readings and drive-in book signings.

Literary Easter Eggs

egg hunt

As promised, I’m leaving you with something a bit lighter: Mental Floss’s list of surprising jokes, allusions, and hidden messages in books. If you like trivia, you’ll like these!

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