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Around The Web: Querying, Black Sci-Fi, Comic Mentorship & Summer Reading

Welcome back, readers! Things have begun to open up again, and whether you’ve ventured out or you’re still holding fast at home, there’s always room for some bookish content. This week, I’m sharing a newly signed author’s querying experience, an opinion piece on the value of Black Sci-Fi, an informal mentorship opportunity for artists, and a summer reading club for kids.

A Querying Experience

hot air balloons

Writer Joanne Machin recently announced that she’s signed with a literary agent and subsequently shared a post describing her querying experience, including her stats and some resources. My favourite advice is to think of your query letter as “a marketing asset,” but there’s lot of other advice for those entering the querying trenches.

Black Sci-Fi

Storm trooper

There’s been quite a few reading lists that have arisen in light of current anti-racism movements. While seeking non-fiction on these topics is valuable, Cree Myles offers another route—reading Black Sci-Fi authors—arguing that emotional education is just as important as informational education.

Comic Mentorship


Cartoonist and illustrator Jillian Tamaki has opened applications for mentorship for artists. In the Instagram announcement, Tamaki says this mentorship came from her “desire to teach outside of traditional art school, which is becoming increasingly inaccessible.” So if you have a work-in-progress and want some guidance, be sure to check out her application requirements.

Summer Reading Club

Explore Our Universe Summer Reading 2020

Image: Vancouver Public Library

With Covid-19 still being a concern, many are looking for summer activities for their kids. The Vancouver Public Library has one option: their Summer Reading Club, which features fun free activities, challenges, and more. If you’re not in Vancouver, you might still get some ideas from their programming, so check it out. Or, see if your local library has any virtual events planned.