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The First Page: #NotReadyToDie

The first page of a book often gets scrutinised more than the cover. In fact, many judge a book by the first page rather than the cover! Within the publishing world, the first page, or first lines even, could make or break the prospect of a contract. At that stage of the publishing process there is no beautiful cover to visualise the book’s premise yet.

In these series of posts we are featuring first pages of our brilliant authors, who write for a delightfully discerning audience, kids.

#NotReadyToDie by Cate Carlyle

About the Book


Ginny’s life suddenly comes to a screeching halt one fateful Monday when a shooter shows up at Southwestern High School during first period.

In lockdown with both the homeroom sub and her secret crush Owen badly wounded, Ginny finds herself teamed up with Kayla, one of the “Barbies.” Together, they must try to keep their classmates alive amid terror and pain.

As the chaos continues, Ginny is plagued with questions. Has she judged Kayla too harshly? Will she ever have the chance to ask Owen to prom? Will the fight she had with her mom before school be their last interaction ever?

With the uncertainty of everyone making it out alive growing with every minute, there’s only one thing Ginny knows for sure: no one is making it out unchanged.

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