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Around the Web: 2020 Canada Reads, Rita Awards and The First Big Yes

Hello friends! The CDP team is back in the office and working toward making 2020 great. The rest of the publishing world is getting back to work too, which means there’s lots of news and content to read online. And I’m here to share some of it.

This week, we’ve got a look at Canada Reads 2020 longlist, an update on the Romance Writers of America, a few authors on their first Big Yes, and a list of resources.

Canada Reads Longlist

Canada Reads 2020 Longlist

Canada Reads is one of the biggest literary events in Canada and the longlist has now been announced. The fifteen books include memoir, poetry, speculative fiction and more, and all are meant to speak to this year’s theme: One book to bring Canada into focus.

Rita Awards Cancellation

Men and Woman holding hands

Just before Christmas, controversy erupted within and around the Romance Writers of America. The professional association took action against Chinese American author Courtney Milan after an ethics complaint. The decision was met with backlash, leading the RWA to backtrack. And that’s just the short of it. Now the Rita Awards, the US’s most prestigious awards for romance writing, have been cancelled. The Guardian has more details.

Writers on Their First Big Yes


On a more uplifting note, Lit Hub asked a few writers about their first Big Yes—the turning points in their writing lives. As writers, we often seek publication as validation of our writing worth, but these stories show that there are many other points to celebrate along the way.

Inclusive and Diverse Stock Photos

model, stock photo

Not all writers will have need of stock photos, but if you’re creating content you may wish to include graphics now and then. If you want these images to be more reflective of the real world and all its diversity, then this list of resources is for you.

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