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Around the Web: A Quiz, a Collection of Illustrations, a Few Grammar Lessons

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Hello again, readers! I’m back again to share some fun stuff from around the web. This week, I’ve got a quiz, a collection of illustrations, a few Grammar lessons from TikTok, and some writing quotations.


Edgar Allan Poe

October is Halloween season and who better to celebrate the spooky vibes with that Edgar Allen Poe. but can you tell Poe from an emo band? Check out Mental Floss’s “Who Wrote It” quiz.

Alice Illustrations Around the World

Alice at the tea party

And since we’re on the topic of classic literature, let’s look at Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Illustrations are a key part of Lewis Carroll’s most famous work. The University of Maryland has gathered illustrations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass from around the world.

Grammar on TikTok

While I’m rather wary of folks who claim to be grammar experts on social media, I’ll admit it is kind of fun to see folks discuss word use and language in creative ways. That’s why I’m sharing BuzzFeed’s round up of Grammar TikToks.

Writing Advice

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