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Around the Web: Financial Advice, Literary Bachelors, InstaPoetry, and Comic Adaptions

It’s time for another Around the Web post! To the newbies out there, this is where we share the blog posts, news articles, and other web content that’s caught our attention this week. That means we get to share our nerdy interests and you get some reading material for the weekend. Fun, right?

Financial Advice for Authors

Money can be tight for those pursuing the arts. That’s why it’s good for writers to know what they should pay for and when. Luckily, author Claribel Ortega recently shared her thoughts and personal experience on when authors should part with your hard-earned cash.

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Literary Bachelors Join the Bachelorette

What would happen if Fitzwilliam Darcy, Edward Rochester, Gilbert Blythe and other book bachelors were cast on the Bachelorette? Quirk Books has some ideas. Check it out and be prepared for a laugh.

Comic Adaptations

And finally, I have a longer read for those of you who may have noticed more and more graphic novel and comic adaptations of novels hitting the shelves. Tobias Carroll explores the translation of prose to comics and the power of these adaptations for Lit Hub.


Poetry has found a new life online in the form of short Instagram poems. Yet, despite InstaPoets amassing millions of followers, some members of the literary world remain skeptical about this newer form. Adele Barclay discusses the opposing views on Instagram poetry in The Tyee.

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Did you read anything this week that we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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