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Around the Web: Librarians, Novel Titles, Brett Easton Ellis, and Nora Roberts

Hello again, readers! And welcome back to our weekly roundup of bookish news and links. This week, I’ve got a few fun listicles, a quick look at Brett Easton Ellis’s controversial take on Millennials, and an update from Nora Roberts and plagiarism.

Surprising Librarians

We love librarians here at CDP, so when I came across this Mental Floss list of unexpected librarians I had to share it. Librarianship is an amazing part of the literary world, which probably explains why so many of the librarians on this list went on to become writers.

A row of shelves at a library

One Word Novel Titles

Are you folks following dictionary blogs yet? If you’re a word nerd, I would recommend it. They’ve always got interesting content. For example, Merriam-Webster’s post about authors and their one word book titles.

Brett Easton Ellis

If you’ve been seeing Brett Easton Ellis’s name on social media lately, it might be because the author has annoyed a large number of people with a recent interview. The Guardian has a short explanation for those of you who might be wondering about it, but basically he said Millennials don’t care about literature. Fellow Millennials, hands up if you disagree!

Nora Roberts Sues

There’s an ongoing discussion about plagiarism going on in the romance community (see #CopyPasteCris as an example). Nora Roberts is taking a very serious stance on the matter by suing a writer for copying or paraphrasing passages from her novel. Roberts says plagiarism is an industry problem thanks to platforms like Kindle Unlimited, which incentivise fast publishing. While Roberts may not need the money she’s suing for, she points out that plagiarists make authors look bad and other novelists don’t have the money to take legal action when these things happen. So by taking a strict stance on this matters, she’s trying to defend her industry.

Closeup of an open book's spine

See you next week! And as always, be sure to let us know what you’ve been reading around the web lately.

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