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Around the Web: Game of Thrones, Bookstore Value, Writing Life, and Ramona Quinby

Hello, and welcome back to Around the Web, dear readers. This week I’ve got a funny quiz to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones, some thoughts on the value of bookstores, some writing advice, and an article on a beloved character in children’s lit.

GOT or Teddy Roosevelt?

Since Game of Thrones returned on Sunday, why not start out with a funny quiz? Test your knowledge of the series with MentalFloss’s Game of Thrones of Teddy Roosevelt quote quiz.

Buying From Bookstores

Raven Bookstore did some educating about book prices over on Twitter and explained why bookstores are valuable. If you’ve ever wondered why you should buy books in stores instead of online, check it out.

Writing Life

Carrianne Leung spoke at the launch of a student literary journal at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She wanted to give students practical advice for living a creative life, so she shared a list of seventy things that she’s learned so far as a writer. It contains notebook recommendations and ideas for how you should approach your writing (and the world).

Beverly Cleary and Ramona

Beverly Clearly recently turned 103, so it’s only fitting that we discuss her writing and one of her most beloved characters: Ramona Quimby. Writer Rachel Richardson discusses how Ramona Quimby helps kids make sense of this unstable world.

The Complete Ramona Collection cover showing an illustration of Ramona on a swing

That’s it for this week, folks! If you recently read (or wrote!) something bookish, please share it with us!

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