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Around the Web: Adaptations, Crime Reporting, Lit Hoaxes, and More

Hello, friends! And welcome to another Around the Web, your weekly round-up of book and writing related stories from across the world wide web.

Check out what caught our attention this week and then be sure to share your favourite blogs and articles in the comments.

Coming Soon to Screens Near You

Kirkus announced some upcoming film and television adaptations of books that may excite you. Or worry you, if you’re not a fan. I’m tentatively excited for Le Guin’s works to hit the screen, myself, but there are some other cool stories in the works too. Check out the full list!

Empty red theatre seats

The Best Crime Reporting

Anyone in on the true crime trend? Longreads gathered the best crime reporting of 2018 and the selections are sure to spark your interests.

Iceland’s Literary Holiday Tradition

You may have heard that residents of Iceland exchange books for Christmas, but the tradition goes much further than that. Mental Floss shares the details behind Iceland’s book flood and takes a look at Iceland’s publishing industry.

Hands holding a gift wrapped book

Literary Hoaxes

The literary world has had its share of scandals. The New Yorker takes a look some of the biggest literary hoaxes and the ethics of authorship. Literary history nerd, this one’s for you.

Top 10 Fictional Booksellers

Alison Bechdel, Italo Calvino, Michael Ende—what do these authors have in common? They’ve all written works that feature booksellers. And they’re on this list of top fictional booksellers from the Gaurdian. In this list, Bartholomew Bennet shows that booksellers often find themselves at the centre of “wild, dark dramas.”

A woman with a backpack browses through full bookshelves in a bookstore

Hopefully you enjoyed some of these links. See you next week!

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