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We're Baaaack...

So, did you have a great summer? Did you lose that 20 lbs you were hoping to lose? Did you sleep in late every day, read more books, learn to speak Mooseneese like you'd wanted so you could better communicate to the other forest locals? Yeah. We didn't either. We did, however, get all of our 2017 books made and ready to go.

We closed to submissions in June because we just knew that we wouldn't be able to focus on your marvellous manuscripts while working hard on the awesomeness that we already have signed. And we're thankful for your patience. But now, we're ready again. Our fall 2017 releases look amazing (if we do say so ourselves), and we're looking forward to a kickin' 2018 list.

Let's do a rundown:

Releasing September 10th we have Jesse Miller's UNWRAP YOUR CANDY, which will absolutely make you question everything, including your sanity. It will be available as a hardcover, a paperback, and an e-book (oh, so you hadn't heard about our ULTRA SECRET PRE-SALE SALE??? You only have a few days left, folks, to get your digital copy of this book before it releases!!! Visit the UYC page to learn more and to get your copy at the discounted price).

Following that, on October 5th the second instalment of Collin Piprell's Magic Circles series, GENESIS 2.0, drops. This book, guys. Well, did you know that we actually signed this book before we even read the first instalment, MOM?? That's how much we love this book. We signed book two before we read book one!!! We know, it's crazy. HERE'S THE GENESIS 2.0 PAGE to find out more.

And to round out our fall 2017 season...boy, do we have a treat for you! Author/Illustrator A. T. Balsara has put together a work d'art for your super dark YA reading enjoyment. Imagine the charismatic leader of a pack of rats brainwashing an entire colony and convincing them to infest the human race with a new strain of the bubonic plague... And then, imagine that book being illustrated!!! That is what you will find in THE GREAT & THE SMALL, which releases on Hallowe'en.

As if all that's not enough, we can't wait to introduce you to our 2018 list, which includes a book about what the child of Noah (yeah, that Noah) and Cinderella might get up to (ARK), an astounding and comical account of what a freakishly clever monkey might do to stop climate change (THRESHOLD), a rippin' adventure about wannabe pirates becoming real pirates (CAPTAIN LACKBEARD), and the last of the ever amazing Magic Circles series (RESURRECTIONS).

Another juicy tidbit: we are open to submissions again! Our books are ready, and so are we. Please read our submission guidelines and our wish list before sending anything, as we are terribly pretentious and get all uppity if our rules are not followed e.x.a.c.t.l.y (or if you send us books with lots of kissing in them, expect a sound lashing). Only kidding. But seriously, do read our guidelines so we know what the heck is going on.

And now, get reading our books! We know you will love them. It's impossible not to.

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