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Spring Break Reading Giveaway

Calling all readers! We've got a delightful collection of middle-grade books to give away for spring break.

Three books (The Girl from the Attic, Just Watch Me, and The Extraordinary eTab of Julian Newcomber) presented as a bundle as part of a giveaway.

Enter for a chance to WIN a book bundle for Spring Break Reading:

Dates of giveaway: Thursday March 3 - Thurs March 17

Our spring break bundle includes three titles:

The Girl from the Attic: The story of a young girl who follows a mysterious black cat through an attic door and travels to the past. There, she embarks on a money-making scheme to help a boy get money for his sick sister, but matters in her own time challenge her resolve.

Just Watch Me!: A hilarious novel about the ups and downs Simon Rosen faces as he attempts to get straight A's, avoid complete humiliations, and save his parents' marriage.

The Extraordinary eTab of Julian Newcomber: A time-travel novel featuring twelve-year-old Julian Newcomber, who must help his future self prevent the pollution of the natural timeline.

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