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Iz the Apocalypse on Fall 2023 Preview Lists

It may still be summer but the buzz for fall books has already begun, and we're very excited that Susan Currie's YA novel Iz the Apocalypse has already been featured on two lists: CBC Books' "25 Canadian YA books to read in fall 2023" and Quill & Quires "2023 Fall Preview: Young Adult and Nonfiction."

Iz the Apocalypse is a coming-of-age novel about a foster kid who fakes her way into a prestigious music school, and it's in very good company on these lists, so be sure to check them out to add some titles to your TBR piles!

Iz the Apocalypse will be available in September, but you can pre-order now!

A fierce voice longs to break free.

A spark ignites inside fourteen-year-old Iz Beaufort when she hears school music group Manifesto perform. Even though she hasn’t written a song since That Place, she recognizes herself in the moving performance and longs to be part of the group, certain that they might actually understand her. But Manifesto is based at the prestigious Métier School, and Iz has bounced through twenty-six foster homes. Plus, there’s no way Dominion Children’s Care would ever send a foster kid to a private school when a public option is available. So Iz does what any passionate, broken, off-the-chart wunderkind might and takes matters into her own hands.

Iz fakes her way in only to face a new set of challenges: tuition fees, tough classwork, and new classmates she can’t immediately identify as friends or foes. And if she can’t handle all this while keeping how she got into Métier a secret, she could get kicked out of both school and her current home. But a life with music—a life where Iz gets to have a voice—might be worth risking everything.

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