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Around The Web: Podcasting, Writing Tools, Imposter Syndrome, Word Choices

Welcome and happy new year! This week’s internet round up has some insights on being creative, starting new projects, and making improvements to your writing life. Hope you enjoy!

How Podcasting Took Over One Author’s Life

Many authors have found creative ways to connect with readers while in-person gatherings have been limited. Catherine Austen, for example, took up podcasting. She wrote about the experience for QWF Writes, and she’s got some great insight on starting new creative projects.

A Writing Tool

Kate Dwyer of the Strategist took a look at Scrivener, a word processing software that has tons of tools for organizing chapters and research. If you’ve made a resolution to dig into writing this year and are looking for some tools to help you, this might be helpful.

Beating Beginner’s Imposter Syndrome

And if you’re thinking about writing (or doing anything new) for the first time, Puttylike has some tips to help you get over imposter syndrome, that anxious feeling of not being worthy or good enough.

Words to Stop Using

And while I usually resist spreading a lot of the self-improvement rhetoric that goes around at the beginning of the year, committing to being more inclusive is one thing I think most of us can try to do. A starting point is getting informed, so here’s an article about ableist language to avoid in writing and in speech.


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