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Around the Web: Marketing Resources, Day Jobs, Better Reading, and First Lines

Hello, book world! This week’s roundup includes a marketing resource list, a look at writers' day jobs, some tips for becoming a better reader (and writer), and a book quiz. Enjoy!

Resources for Book Marketers

If you’re an author, regardless of which publishing path you take, you’ll likely need to do some marketing yourself. Author Marketing Experts has put together a helpful list of resources and tool to help you promote your book.

Day Jobs

It can be challenging to make a living in a creative field, so many artists and writers pair their creative work with other modes of earning an income. Lit Hub recently asked seven writers about their day jobs and there are some interesting observations about life’s influence on art in their responses.

Be a Better Reader

To become a better writer, you should try to be a better reader, says Random House’s managing editor and copy chief Benjamin Dreyer. In this USA Today article, he describes some activities to help you in this endeavour.

First Line Book Quiz

It’s been a while since I shared a book quiz, so when this first line book quiz came up in my socials, I made sure to save it. Can you identify books based on just their opening lines?


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