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Around The Web: iPhone Poetry, Comic Book Artists, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Social Media

Welcome back, readers. I hope you’re all doing well and that you get a smile out of today’s roundup of bookish goodies. This week, we’re looking at note app poetry, comic artists, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and social media expectations.

iPhone Notes Are Poetry

Do you use the Notes app on your phone for more than grocery lists and email drafts? Refinery 29 recently took a look at how note taking apps have become a space for creativity with many folks using them to draft and edit poetry.

Secrets of Comic Book Artists

Mental Floss takes a look at the lives and livelihood of comic book artists in this post. If you’ve wondered what comic book artists think about deadlines, writing, and more, take a look!

What We Can Learn From Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Years in Lockdown

Alas, the coronavirus pandemic continues and many of us must continue to live isolated lives. Perhaps it’s fitting then, that I came across this piece from the Guardian that looks at how poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, due to chronic illness, lived through periods of self-isolation through much of her adult life.

Social Media Expectations

Finally, I have for you Kacen Callendar’s thoughts on social media expectations for authors. There’s a lot of discussion online about how having a social media platform is essential to being an author, but Callendar challenges this idea by discussing boundaries and the role of publishers.


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