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Around The Web: Canada Reads, HG Wells, Orwell, and Butler

Hello, readers! This week’s roundup of bookish content includes the Canada Reads longlist and a few sci-fi themed pieces. Hope you enjoy!

Canada Reads

Canada Reads, one of Canada’s biggest bookish events is coming up soon. The longlist came out last week and the books and champions were announced on Thursday. Whether you plan on following the debates or not, there are definitely books here that are worth adding to your to-be-read list!

HG Wells Fans Spot Errors on New Coins

The Royal Mint meant to HG Wells with a new £2 coin intended to mark 75 years since his death. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the imagery quite right according to fans. A tripod, after all, has three legs not four. Oops! But it doesn’t stop there. The quotation included is also false!

Orwellian or Not?

Recent political events have seen the term “Orwellian” thrown around. But comparing current events to George Orwell’s 1984 isn’t always accurate. In this Electric Literature piece, Rachel Klein draws on experience as an English teacher to show how despite its popularity, 1984 is “no longer doing the job it was written to do.”

Facts About Octavia Butler

Image: Patti Perret 1984

While George Orwell and Aldous Huxley get a lot of attention when it comes to discussions about dystopia, let’s not forget about Octavia Butler, who also wrote excellent sci-fi. Check out Mental Floss’s list of surprising facts about her.


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