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Around The Web: Black Creative Fund, Post-Publication Corrections, and Literary Cartoons

Welcome back, dear readers. This week’s roundup of bookish web content includes a new initiative from We Need Diverse Books, an explanation of correcting books post publication, a look at how literary cartoons are created, and a blog on point of view.

Launch of Black Creatives Fund

We Need Diverse Books and Penguin Random House have partnering on a series of programs meant to help get books by Black authors published. Dhonielle Clayton will oversee the Black Creators Fund, which will include a revisions workshop, a mentoring program, and market symposia. For more details, check out Publisher’s Weekly.

Post-Publication Corrections

What happens when mistakes are found in a published book? Well, it depends on how egregious the mistakes are. Books can be updated or recalled, but there’s many factors that go into deciding on a course of action. Book Riot’s post on this topic explains how and why corrections are made.

Drawing Literary Cartoons

If you’re interested in comics, you’ll want to read about and watch a New Yorker cartoonist explain her process over on Open Culture. Maybe it’ll inspire you to get out some pens and markers!

Third-Person Point of View

One of the first things I notice when reading is point of view, but I know some writers have trouble deciding what point of view is best for their story. If you’ve ever wondered about writing in third-person, I recommend taking a look at this blog post. It explains omniscient, limited, and “deep” third-person.

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