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Around the Web: A Writing Excuse, Getting Coverage, Literature As Zoom Meetings, and Coming Out

Hello, friends! It’s time for our weekly round up of web content. This week, we’ve got some thoughts on a common excuse for not writing, some advice for promoting your work, some literary themed comics, and an essay on coming out.

Maybe I Need To Learn More

There are a lot of excuses for not writing—being busy, feeling uninspired, not knowing where to start… “Maybe I need to learn more first” is another, and it can hold us back. Writer Andrea Hull addresses this concern in a recent piece for Luna Station Quarterly, providing ways to combat the feeling of not being informed or knowledgeable enough to write.

Getting Coverage for Your Self-Published Comic

Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier recently wrote a post on how to get media coverage for your self-published comic. While the advice is meant for small press comic creators, much of it is relevant to authors who are self-publishing or publishing through a smaller press, especially the information on having an online presence and getting reviews.

Literature As Zoom Meetings

Writer and illustrator Kate Gavino has reimagined climactic events from literature as Zoom meetings in a series of comics on Lit Hub. Seeing the kids from Lord of the Flies argue through a computer screen or Javert from Les Miserables’ fake a screen name seems pretty fitting for a year in which a lot of literary discussions are taking place online.

V.E. Schwab on Coming Out

Finally, I have for you an essay from author V.E. Schwab about coming out. Personal essays seem to be growing in popularity, so I wanted to share this one. Its use of figurative language and second-person narration is a good reminder that non-fiction can deploy the same tactics as fiction to capture and intrigue readers.


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