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Around The Web: Love letters, Writing and Money, Representation and Magic School Bus

Welcome back to our weekly web roundup, readers! This week, I’m sharing a love letter to editors, a look at how authors make money, some thoughts on disability representation in literature, and some Magic School Bus trivia to honour the late Joanna Cole.

If you’ve read any interesting stories around the web, be sure to share them with us!

A Love Letter to Developmental Editors


Author R.L. Maizes has written about her writing experiences and the value of working with developmental editors. As an editor myself, I might be biased to a perspective that praises editing, but I think you’ll find this LitHub piece encouraging if you’ve wondered about what it’s like to work with an editor.

Writing and Money


Publishing isn’t always the most transparent when it comes to money, so I think it can be nice to hear from writers about the financial realities of this career. If you agree, The Cut has gathered several authors to share their perspectives on writing, work, and financial health that you may find helpful.

Disability Representation


The Cooperative Children’s Book Council’s 2019 study found only 3.4 percent of all children’s literature had a disabled protagonist. In this piece for Bitch Media, Alaina Leary has written about this issue, why it persists, and why it's important for young readers to see themselves in the books they read.

Fun Facts About The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

I was sad to find out earlier this month that Joanna Cole, the children’s author behind The Magic School Bus had passed away. If you grew up with this series or have shared the books with young ones, perhaps you’d like to honour Cole by learning a bit about the series came to be and the effort she went to to share science with young readers.

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