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Around The Web: Penguin's Book Covers, FIYAHCON, Author Disillusionment and Nonwords

Hello once again, readers! I’ve wandered the web this week and found several stories that might be of interest to my fellow bibliophiles: a Twitter thread on the history of Penguin’s book covers, a new speculative fiction convention, a thoughtful post about disagreeing with your favourite authors, and a look at the arguments for and against the word (or nonword, depending on who you talk to) “irregardless.”

Penguin’s Book Covers


Penguin has a history of bold, memorable book covers, and if you’re interested in learning about it, twitter user Pulp Librarian has written a delightful twitter thread on the subject.



A new convention has been announced! FIYAHCON will celebrate Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour in speculative fiction, centring their voices. The convention will include content on writing craft, business, and speculative lit communities. You’ll have to wait until October for the convention, but registration opens July 15!

When Authors Say The Wrong Thing

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Social media has allowed us to connect with out favourite creators. While this allows for more connection, it can also mean being disappointed when an author says something you disagree with. If you’ve had a problematic fave, you might find some insight in Elise Moser’s recent Book Riot post.


Dictionary entry

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