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Around The Web: Classic Adventure Books, Poetry Phone Line, and an Illustrated Pandemic Diary

It’s time for our weekly round up of web content! This week, I’m sharing some free classic adventure books, a poetry phone number, an illustrated pandemic diary, and some tips for recording family history.

Let’s get right into it!

Classic Adventures

Treasure Island Book

If you’re having trouble accessing new books right now, why not look to some classic adventure stories? Project Gutenberg provides free access to a number of these, and Nerdist has made a handy list.

Poetry Phone


Pandemic Diaries


Recording Family History

Family portrait

Atlas Obscura points out that sheltering in place with family could give you the opportunity to learn more about your family and collect oral histories. To that end, they talked to four oral history project coordinators about how to have respectfully engage in these discussions. These might be great tips if you’ve ever hoped to write a family history.

Hope you’re doing well out there. See you next week!

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