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Around The Web: Canadian KidLit on Youtube, Ableism in Publishing & Banned Books

Hello again, readers! This week’s roundup of internet content includes a first look at a new YouTube channel dedicated to Canadian Children’s books, some library backgrounds for your video chats, a look at publishing’s ableism problem, and some news about banning books.


The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has a new YouTube channel! Named Bibliovido, the channel will focus on Canadian books for young people. Check out their preview video for an idea of what to expect from this new endeavour.

Video Chat Backgrounds

Misty woodland

Many of us have been connecting through video calls during the last few weeks. If you’re looking to spice up your calls, or if you just want to hide your usual background, Library Journal has gathered some bookish photos you can use.

Publishing’s Ableism Problem

Office desks

Why is it okay for everyone to work from home now when disabled people have been told it’s not possible for years? This is the question Alaina Leary asks in her recent Publishers Weekly post discussing ableism in the publishing industry.

Attempts to Ban LGBTQ Books

Heart shape on hands

Related to publishing’s diversity problem is the latest news about the American Library Association’s annual list of challenged books. According to the Guardian, ALA found that attempts to ban books with LGBTQ characters from libraries across the US rose last year, with such books now making up 80% of the most challenged books.

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