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Around The World: Self-Isolation with Discounted Books, Free Pantries and Livestreams

You know, I generally aim to give you something that engages you in my weekly posts, something that captures your attention and perhaps distracts you from the everyday. That seems especially important right now, so I hope the following links help you out amid all the uncertainty right now.

Canadian Publishers Offer Isolation Discounts

Book sale

A number of our fellow publishers are offering discounts on their titles to help out readers who seek entertainment during self-isolation. Buying books right now helps publishers and authors who may be losing opportunities and income with all the festival and event cancellations.

Little Free Libraries Become Pantries

Street Library

Image: Street Library Australia

Livestreams to Watch


People and organizations are getting creative with ways to reach out and entertain one another. Case in point: a number of livestreams have been started. Whether you want Frozen’s Josh Gad to read you kids a story or you want to watch cute animals, there’s a stream for that.

From Film to Book

And for those of you pairing movies and film, check out Book Riot’s look at the Alien franchise’s literary canon. We so often talk about film adaptations of books, but there are plenty of novelizations and literary expansions of cinema out there. Maybe this will inspire you to check them out.

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