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Around The Web: Self-Publishing, Authors Guild Report and Freedom to Read Award 2020

Hello, readers! If you’ve been around awhile, you know the deal. It’s time for Around the Web, our weekly roundup of bookish news and content.

This week, I’m sharing a post on what to think about before you start writing a novel, a look at how three self-publishing authors are making a living, a new report from the Authors Guild, and the announcement of this year’s Freedom to Read Award.

Before Writing Your Novel

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Emily Harstone of Authors Publish has written a post that discusses some of the things to think about before beginning your novel, arguing that thinking about your writing in publishing terms from the get go can save you from getting dispirited in the long run.

How Self-Published Authors Make A Living

Many authors have turned to self-publishing as an alternative to signing with the 'Big Five'. Mashable spoke with three self-published authors about how they’ve found success.

The Authors Guild Report

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Speaking of finding success in publishing, the Authors Guild recently released a report on “the profession of the author in the 21st century” and it’s . . . less than ideal. Check it out for yourself, but be prepared for some potentially disheartening news.

Ivan Coyote’s Freedom to Read Award

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