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Around the Web: Books that Change Lives, Women in Sci-Fi, Words of the Decade, & more.

Hello once again, dear readers. It’s time for Around the Web, our weekly round up of bookish and literary content from around the internet.

This week, I’ve got a book list from our very own Kirsten Marion, a look at the absence of older women in sci-fi, Buzzfeed’s words of the decade, and a short fiction source.

Five Books To Change Your Life

Our wonderful publisher, Kirsten Marion, shared some of the books that have been having a positive impact on her life. Maybe some of them will help you too (especially if you’re thinking about resolutions for 2020).

Where Are The Older Women?

Image: Marta Zuravskaya (

Words Of The Decade

I hope you’re not sick of end of the year lists yet, because I really enjoyed this one: Buzzfeed’s decade-defining words of the 2010s. If you want to see how much social media has influenced our vocabulary, this is a good starting place.

Short Fiction

Looking for some good reading material this holiday season, but don’t have the time for a full novel between visiting friends and family and all the usual distractions of life? Check out Uncanny’s short fiction archives. Uncanny released their thirty-first issue last month, so there’s lots of new stories for you to enjoy.

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