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Around the Web: Writing the Other, Elton John's Bookshelf and Borrowed Words.

Happy November, everyone! For our first Around the Web post of the month, I have two articles about writing the other, a look at Elton John’s reading habits, and a list of words that have been borrowed between languages.

Hope you enjoy!

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Writing Outside Your Experience

How do you write characters who don’t look like you? This is a question many have asked as discussions about diversity in literature continue to grow. In this piece for Vulture, Alexander Chee discusses why he has moved from giving advice to asking questions in response.

Writers On Writing The Other

Also from Vulture is this round up of ten authors on times they’ve written outside of their identities. This is an insightful read dives into where and how these authors have made mistakes and what they’ve learned along the way.

Elton John’s Bookshelves

Image: Jillian Tamaki

Borrowed Words


And finally, for something quick and fun, check out Mental Floss’s list of words that were borrowed from one language, transformed, then borrowed back.

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