Around the Web: Emerging Writers Intensive, Booker Backlash and Viking Cursing

Happy Friday, readers, and welcome back to Around the Web, your weekly round up of literary content from across the far reaches of the Internet.

This week, I’ve got some news about Stephen King, thoughts on the Emerging Writers Intensive in Banff, a look at the recent Book Award backlash, and a fun post on Vikings.

Stephen King’s House to Become a Museum

Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo

While fans and tourists have unofficially held Stephen King’s home as a tourist destination, city councillors in Bangor, Maine, have approved the horror novelist’s request to rezone his home as a non-profit, allowing it to become a museum and writer’s retreat. If you want to visit however, you’ll have to make an appointment.

Banff Emerging Writers Intensive

Speaking of writing destinations, the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity recently began to regularly welcome emerging writers to writing workshops. If you’re curious about what such an experience might be like, check out writer and editor Natasha Ramoutar’s recent Twitter thread about what she learned there.

Booker Backlash

You may be aware that the Booker Awards were announced recently. Bernardine Evaristo and Margret Atwood are the joint winners, which has caused some backlash because the award rules say the prize isn’t meant to be split. Furthermore, Evaristo is the first black woman ever to win the award, making some question equality.

Curse like a Viking

And for something a little lighter, I leave you with author Thyra Dane’s recent post on Viking swear words.

See you next week!

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