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Around the Web: Remakes, Publishing and Book Deals

Happy Friday, readers! This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am very thankful for books, authors, and all the people who write and share bookish content around the web.

This week I’m sharing posts from Book Riot, The New Yorker, Electric Literature, and DVPit. I do hope you enjoy them! And should you feel like sharing any gratitude for lit content, be sure to send us links!

To Remake or Not To Remake

Variety recently reported that Sony wants to remake The Princess Bride and many were displeased with the proposal. But Book Riot writer Jessica Plummer has a different point of view that is worth checking out.

Publishing By The Numbers

Publishing has its ups and downs, and sometimes all you can do is laugh at them. If you’re up for deconstructing the process while having a bit of fun, check out the New Yorker’s collection of humorous graphs.

All About Book Deals

Agent explains book deals

If you are after something a bit more factual, however, Electric Lit has got you covered! An agent has shared a detailed explanation of how book deals work.


Finally, I want to share some news about the upcoming DVPit event. DVPit, for those who don’t know, is a Twitter pitch event for marginalized authors and illustrators. This year it takes place on October 28 and 29. If you have questions about pitching, you can ask them on October 17.

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