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Around the Web: Literary and Language Innovations, Banned Books

Around the Web

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, I’ve got some literary and language innovations to share, and a quiz to celebrate Banned Books Week.

Check it out and let us know what fun stuff you’ve read from around the web lately!

The Most Dangerous Writing App

cat typing

If you’re easily distracted when writing, maybe it’s time to try a new writing app. The Most Dangerous Writing App forces you to focus on your writing, or else. If you go five minutes without putting words on the page, all your work will disappear.

Here is a write prompt generator to help things moving along!

Creating a Comic For Blind Readers


Image: Unseen by Chad Allen

Comic books are a visual medium by nature, so it might be hard to imagine a comic book designed for blind readers. Chad Allen, who became blind as a result of a condition called Retinitis pigmentosa, enjoyed comics as a sighted child and wanted to get back into them. So he created Unseen, an audio comic book.


Macmillan Dictionary recently interviewed the founder of Emojipedia Jeremy Burge. If you’re interested in what emojis mean and how they’re used, their discussion is worth checking out.

Banned Book Quiz


And because it’s banned book week, here’s a quiz from the New York Public Library to test your knowledge of banned books.

See you next week!

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