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Around the Web: A Few Thoughts on Writing and Copy Editing

Happy Friday again, dear readers! September is absolutely flying by, so I hope you’re all getting a chance to relax (and read) amidst the chaos of the month’s many new beginnings.

If you’re looking for some non-fiction reading, I’ve got posts on writing, editing, and author finances this week. Hope you enjoy!

Lively Writing

Ever heard of phonetic profiling? How about phonaesthemes? Editor and linguist James Harbeck explains these linguistic terms, showing how certain sound clusters evoke certain meanings and can contribute to the overall tone of your writing.

How to Be An Author

Remember when I shared that article about the author who lost half a million dollars? Well, it got some extra attention with many a writer weighing in on finances, the role of agents, privilege, entitlement, and the publishing industry in general. One such writer: Chuck Wendig. His take is both helpful and humorous, so take a look.

Eliminating Copy Editors

Copy editors have been among the first to go when media corporations make cutbacks. Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno has written about the disastrous impact of eliminating dedicated copy editors.

Short Stories vs Novels

Short fiction is often touted as a good way to practise your writing and build your author brand, but it is both its own genre (with its own inherent value) and an almost entirely different beast than writing a novel. Author Richard Thomas discusses some of the differences for Lit Reactor, addressing how your writing should change with length.

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