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Around the Web: Book Curation

Book Curation

Curated Bookshelf

Image: Juniper Books

I don’t know that I’ve ever needed help filling my bookshelves, but apparently it’s a thing. Or at least it is for those who can afford a book curator (how does one get this job?!). Check out Town and Country for more on the intersection between reading and interior design.

Waterproof Books

Image: Highgate Hotels

With labour day weekend upon us, I’m growing more and more aware that beach and pool days are numbered (at least here in Ottawa). But I still love the idea of floating around on a pool lounger with a book in hand. Turns out, hotels in Key West have anticipated this desire and offer waterproof books to make waterside reading a little more convenient.

Pre-Ordering Books

Who likes life-hacks? The Week has declared that pre-ordering books “is just about the greatest lifehack there is.” Pre-orders are an easy way to ensure you get your copy right away, and a fun way to treat your future self. As someone who’s experienced the joy of getting book mail after I’ve forgotten I’ve pre-ordered something, I’m inclined to agree. It’s right up there with receiving Kickstarter rewards (you know we have a Kickstarter campaign coming up, right?)

Reading More Le Guin

I strongly believe that reading helps us better understand the world, and Ursula K. Le Guin has been one of my favourite authors since I was gifted A Wizard Of Earthsea as an early teen. So I have to share this article on why we should all be reading Le Guin. In it, Siobhan Leddy discusses Le Guin’s theory on fiction and how it can help us live better in the era of climate change.

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