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Around the Web: Anne of Green Gables, Hemingway's Cats, Mid-Career Querying, and British Express

And here we are at the end of the week again. Welcome back to Around the Web, folks. If you’re looking for some quick weekend reading, it’s all right here.

Read on for some bookish facts, publishing advice, and a fun language quiz.

Anne of Green Gables Facts

How much do you know about Canada’s best-known literary heroine? Up your Canadian lit cred by checking out the Children’s Book Centre’s new post on Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables

Mid-Career Querying

The internet is awash with advice for new authors, and the publishing industry also puts a lot of emphasis on debut authors, so it’s nice to come across posts for those in the middle of their careers. YA and NA author Dahlia Adler shared one such post recently and it’s all about querying as a mid-career author.

Hemingway’s Cats

Ernest Hemingway was a cat lover and the current residents of Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West, Florida can attest to that. The grounds are home to some fifty cats, which you can learn more about over on Mental Floss.

A tabby cat

British Expressions

Canadians and Brits may speak the same language, but expressions and colloquialisms can make a big difference when it comes to understanding one another. Match up the British terms with their Canadian equivalents in this quiz from the Language Portal of Canada.

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