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Around the Web: Writing Women, Fiction and Magic, Children's Books, and Book Posters

Hello all, and welcome back to Around the Web, our weekly round up of bookish content from across the internet. This week, we’ve got lots of writing advice, plus a few other things you might find interesting.

Read on and then let us know what fun stuff you’ve come across this week!

Writing Women

Does your work in progress have women characters? You may want to check out Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s LitReactor column. In it, she discusses where (male) writers have gone wrong before and provides a few questions for you to ask yourself to create realistic and dynamic female characters.

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Fiction and Stage Magic

Stage magic may not be the first thing you think of when you think about story-telling, but fiction writers may have something to learn from magicians. Or at least Gabriel Urza thinks so. He spoke to magician Joshua Jay on how magic and fiction are related.

What Children’s Book Authors Should Know

Picture book author Naseem Hrab know a few things about children’s book publishing. She’s written two picture books and works in the industry, so check out her list of things children’s book authors and illustrators should know to take advantage of her experience.

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Book Posters

Now that you’ve got all this writing advice, how about something to decorate your writing (or reading) space? Check out Book Riot’s list of black and white book posters.

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