Around the Web: Writing Life, Literary Devices, Rereading Podcasts, and the Forest of Reading Winner

Hello again, and happy Friday! For the newbies out there, Around the Web is a weekly roundup of blogs, essays, articles, and other content that the CDP team have found around the internet. It’s our chance to spread interesting content, let you know our interests, and share helpful information.

This week, we’ve got an interview, some literary definitions, a look at podcasts, and the Forest of Reading winners.

Alison Kinney on Writing

Does everyone have a novel in them? What’s the best writing workshop snack? Writer and writing instructor Alison Kinney answers these question and discusses writing workshops and more for Electric Lit. This interview is worth checking out especially for Kinney’s take on popular writing maxims like “write what you know.”

Literary Devices

Here’s a refresher to those of you who haven’t taken a literature class in a while. It’s a quick guide to common literary devices. If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about next time a book (or other form of media) comes up in discussion, you’ll want to know these definitions.

Rereading Podcasts

Ready for a long read? Then, take a look at this paper on Harry Potter rereading podcasts from Simon Fraser University assistant professor Hannah McGregor. McGregor looked at how podcasts contribute to reading communities and fandom, and what they can tell us about the practice of rereading.

Forest of Reading Winners

And in book news, the Forest of Reading Winners were announced at the Festival of Trees this week. Over 250,000 children participated in Forest of Reading programs and 170,000 voted for the winners. Anyone looking to add some children’s lit to their TBR probably wouldn’t go wrong by picking up some of the winners.

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