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Around the Web: Poetry Tips, Self-Care, AWP, and the Bologna Book Fair

Would you look at that! We’re a week into April already. The temperature’s on the rise, and with the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference and the American Copy Editors Society Conference taking place this past weekend and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair this week, it seems we’re really getting into conference and convention season.

April is also Math Month and Poetry Month! So there’s plenty of cool things to be following online these days.

But if you still need to be pointed toward some interesting content, that’s what I’m here for. Check out these links and feel free to share what you’ve been reading around the web this week.

Poetry Tips

As I said, it’s Poetry month, so CBC Books is sharing a tip each week to help you write your own poems. This week’s poetry tip comes from 2018’s CBC Poetry Prize winner, Natalie Lim, who says not to underestimate the ordinary.

An open poetry book with red roses sitting on top

Editorial Self-Care

Editors Canada shared an article on self-care that discusses dealing with life changes. While the post is mostly geared at editors, writers may find value in it too. It’s particularly relevant if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by developments in your personal life that are affecting your writing or work.

What Happened at AWP

For the many of us who didn’t go to the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference (and those who didn’t even know what it was before now), you get catch up on what happened at the conference by reading this summary from Vulture.

Bologna Book Fair Roundup

If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen some of Kirsten’s pictures from the Bologna Book Fair. If you want to learn a bit more about the event, check out this roundup from Publisher’s weekly.

A selection of Illustrations on a poster for Illustrators of Ireland at the Bologna Book Fair

I hope your April is off to a great start! See you next week.

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