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Around the Web: Writing Inspiration, Fictional Crime, Trans Lit Canon Recommendations, and a Lit Wit

Happy Friday, everyone! Since we’re entering the last weekend before Halloween, I hope you’re all getting the finishing touches on costumes and enjoying some spooky entertainment. I know I’m hoping to fit in some pumpkin carving between literary events and other commitments.

If you can tear yourself away from horror movies and costume prep, check out what we found around the web this week!

On Writing about Childhood

Fans of kid lit might be interested in Nicole Rivas’s Lit Hub piece on writing about childhood. Rivas discusses her own writing before turning to other authors who’ve drawn on childhood for artistic content.

Child laughing with a book

How Fiction Gets Murderers Wrong

Global News recently spoke with ex-cop-and-detective-turned-criminologist Michael Arntfield about crime and literary criminology. Arntfield addresses some of the myths related to crimes and murders that we often see presented in television, film, and books. Turns out, killers are a lot more boring than pop culture would have us believe.

Building a Trans Literary Canon

In light of recent political moves, RL Golberg has shared a list of eleven titles by trans writers about LGBQIA+ experiences with the Paris Review. Goldberg argues that these books are a place to start when it comes to creating a trans literary canon. Check it out and add a few titles to your TBR!

Another Halloween Reading Recommendation

Cover of A Discovery of Witches

We gave some reading recommendations last week, but I've got another for you. A Discovery of Witches has been getting some attention recently since its being adapted as a drama series. The series won't air in America until January, but if you want another Halloween read, this one might offer you the chance to prepare for the adaptation.

Literary Witches

Speaking of witches, Get Literary has a literary witch personality test. Answer a few quick questions to help you discover who your lit witch alter-ego is. Let us know your results in the comments!

A woman in black holding an animal skull with candles and pumpkins

That’s it for now, folks. Happy Halloween and see you next week!

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