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Around the Web: Diversity, Libraries, Bookmarks, Rereading, and Hemingway

Hello everyone! It’s August already and I can hardly believe it. The days are going by so fast that I keep wondering how it’s possible. And then I look at the books I’ve read and a browser history full of book news, literary analysis, and social media conversations and I realize that’s where all my time has gone! Oh well, time enjoyed is not wasted time. So here’s some links I hope you’ll enjoy.

Diversity in YA books

We’ve been hearing about the need for diverse books for a while now, right? And while we’ve seen blockbuster books from authors of colours and some diverse characters appearing in fiction, we’re not quite there yet. According to the Guardian, a new study on YA lit has shown the amount of books with diverse representation (of authors and characters) isn’t on the rise at all in Britain. How disappointing! The North American market has some differences, but this still goes to show that there’s remains work to do.

A woman browses the shelves at a bookstore

More on the Public Good of Libraries

Okay, I know we talked about libraries last week, but once more for people in the back: LIBRARIES ARE IMPORTANT. This article by an actual librarian goes into detail about all the services that libraries offer and how libraries provide important space and information to many people in low-income brackets or at risk communities.

On Rereading

I don’t know about you, but summer is often a time for me to revisit old books. The Atlantic takes a look at the value and charm of rereading old favourites. What books do you like to reread? Share in the comments.

A man reading next to a woman reading


If you’re tired of using old receipts and scraps of paper to mark your spot, check out this list of cute magnetic bookmarks from BookRiot. It’s almost impossible for a magnetic bookmark to slip out of its place, so they’re quite good if you’re taking books on the go.

New Hemingway

Any Hemingway fans out there? You may want to get your hands on an issue of The Strand Magazine, a literary quarterly that has published a little-known story by Hemingway called "A Room on the Garden Side." According to CBC, the story has been read in scholarly circles for decades but is appearing in print for the first time and The Hemingway Society says it features many of the trademark elements of Hemingway’s writing.

Ernest Hemingway at a typewriter

That’s it for Around the Web this week! Be sure to share your favourite stories, listicles, and bookish links in the comments or sent them to us on social media.

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