Around the Web: Cocktails, The Hero's Journey, and Libraries

Happy Friday readers! This week’s Around the Web features writing advice, librarians, and more. Read on and then share what you’ve been reading in the comments!

Literary Cocktails

It is Friday, which is about as good a time to indulge as any other. Check out these literature inspired cocktails from the mixologist from Washington D.C.’s Petworth Citizen. Drinks in this Electric Literature article are inspired by the likes of Richard Adams, Neil Gaiman, and more. Perfect for book nerds!

The Hero’s Journey

You may have heard of the hero’s journey before. And you’ve almost definitely read or heard of stories that follow this story structure. But if you’re interested in writing a story that follows the hero’s journey, check out this Reedsy article and infographic. It explains the term’s origins and the key points within the structure.

Getting Rid of Books

I recently had a conversation with a friend about getting rid of books because she’s moving and can’t take boxes and boxes of books with her. While many of us dream of having grandiose personal libraries, sometimes the realities of life necessitate paring down one’s book collection. Parting from your books can be a challenge, but Bustle shared some tips for getting rid of books inspired by renowned organizing consultant Marie Kondo.

Librarians Respond to Call For Amazon to Replace Libraries

A Forbes article recently suggested Amazon should replace public libraries and librarians are not having it. Library employees and users argued that libraries are not only valuable as book lenders, but also as public venues for events and learning opportunities. The Guardian has collected some of these responses and they’re a good read if you want a reminder of all the good libraries do.

Librarians Hold a Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Now, here's something wholesome: the Somerville Public Library held stuffed animal sleepovers at three of its branches. Kids were invited to leave their stuffed animals at the library and watch Facebook to see what shenanigans their pals got up to. The librarians then took photos of the stuffed animals reading, sharing snacks, and enjoying the library. These kinds of events aren’t just cute though, they actually encourage kids to read to their stuffed friends. Cute and practical!

The Uncommon Quest

Finally, our last article from the internet this week is about us! Quill & Quire shared some information about our upcoming contest, the Uncommon Quest for a Great Canadian Children's Novel.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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