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Party on, Wayne...

Human behaviour is strange. It's rude, for example, to sniff another human's butt. It's rude for one human to whack another with their horns. It's rude for a human to poop while he's eating. It's also rude to ask a human how old she is. I know! Crazy, right? Humans are weird.

We deer are a bit different. In fact, we want the world to know that ON MAY FIRST, 2017, CDP OFFICIALLY TURNS ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!

And we freaking want to party. We're finally old enough.

Above, you may see mention of stuff we are going to do to celebrate (if you don't see it, you should probably get your glasses adjusted). We're going to give stuff away! That's right, e-books, print books, QUERY CRITIQUES, and one SKIP THE SLUSH GOLDEN TICKET! Yes, you read that right. Someone's query is going to get the royal treatment (which, of course, means being pulled out from the pack and scrutinized immediately by CDP's acquisitions team).

How can you participate? Easy. Share this post on one social media outlet. That's it. We're trying to spread the joy here, people. If you share this post, you will automatically be entered. The end.

So tell every book nerd you know and enter the chance for some great prizes! Four lucky winners will be notified on May the second---prizes will be selected at random unless you mention your preference in your share post.


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