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New Year, New...Rear?

New Year's resolutions. We don't normally do those things. Mainly, that's because resolutions are so easy to ruin, and ruining things makes us sad. It's also a little that doing new stuff is hard. Like working out or keeping the house clean all the time. But this year, we decided to take up the challenge anyway. And here it is. The Common Deer Blog.

There are so many exciting things happening at Common Deer Press in 2017 that we can't wait to blab all about, including the release of the first and second instalment of Collin Piprell's Magic Circles series and Jesse Miller's black comedy/literary offering, Unwrap Your Candy. We will be attending some events that we'd like to tell you about, and are working on new projects yet to be announced. Amongst doing all kinds of other awesome stuff, Jenn, our amazing marketing director, is organizing giveaways that may or may not include a hardcover copy of Rex that may or may not have been signed by Cody, Adam, and Mark---an extreme rarity since these guys live on opposite ends of the country.

So though blogging is unusual for deer, we are looking forward to getting down and dirty with it to share our news and basically talk all about ourselves to a captive audience whenever we feel like it. Maybe one day we will sort out a schedule for these posts. Stranger things have happened. Until then though, thanks for reading and check back in soon. We promise not to talk too much about stuff like what we had for lunch (unless it was really interesting). We swear it.

Until then, Herd out.

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