Lucy & Dee: The Silk Road --

by Kirsten Marion

Lucy and Dee Cover showing to kids riding Xami through a bamboo forest

“Oh, cheer up,” said Lucy. “It’s simple really, we find the        Emperor, help him stay alive until he’s ready to take the throne, get the key for changing lead into gold, and then it’s off to find your parents. What could go wrong?”

Lucy wants an adventure. Dee needs money to help him find his missing parents. When a flaming bird leads them to a hidden road, and the lord of stone offers them a quest, the opportunity for both arises. In a land full of magic, dragons, and demons, all they have to do is befriend a young emperor—which would be a lot easier if he wasn’t a royal pain and an angry queen didn’t want to destroy him.


With the entitled ruler in tow, Lucy and Dee must find a way home with a mysterious feather and a dragon-whisperer (who looks suspiciously like a hedgehog) their only defence against capture...or worse.

About the Author

Kirsten Marion has always been passionate about books and writing. Her background is in English, Classics, and psychology, and her day job is acquiring and publishing high-quality books for children and teens.

After decades spent travelling the world and living in Russia, Chile, and throughout North America, she has a unique mix of experiences to colour her imaginary worlds. Lucy & Dee has been percolating for many years now and draws inspiration from her  travels, her children, and her grandchildren.

Coming April 2022