The Math Kids: Prime-Time Burglars --

by David Cole

"A delightful story of friendship and logic" - Sally Wilsey's review


"Will open up some kids who are not great at maths to appreciate that we don't all learn math the same way" - Beck's review


"Children, whether or not they like math, will find this a fun read." - Savannah Dickerson's review


"This series will definitely open up the minds of young readers to love Math." - Jiyang's review


"A very entertaining story ... a must read for all" - Danielle Urban's review


"A good fit for pre-teens who like adventure books, spy thrillers and puzzles. Thoroughly enjoyable for parents and children alike." - Yvonne W.'s review


"I love that this book took problem solving and social situations and combined them for an enjoyable and educational experience!" - Bridget P., NetGalley


"The story is a lot of fun and the book isn’t just about math but real world issues they need to cope with including bullies, parents and siblings." - Angela J., NetGalley


"This is a fun and insightful page-turner that captures the pleasure of discussing math and solving real-life math problems as a team." - Leah H., NetGalley


"A wonderful read for everyone in the family." - Heidi Wimmer, NetGalley


"What? Math is fun. Math is useful. Aah, come on, that can’t be right. But author David Cole has written a novel that absolutely proves that math can be fun and useful." - CM: Canadian Review of Materials


"These kids are way smarter at nine than I am at 24, and I loved it. I definitely hope this series will empower young readers and young mathematicians" - Marissa L, NetGalley


"This was a fun children's book!" - Cindy P., NetGalley


"As a fourth-grade teacher, I am excited for school to start again and to use this book as a read aloud for problem-solving in my class." - Faith Hurst-Bilinski, NetGalley


"The Math Kids is a fun way to interest children, and maybe adult too, in math. I especially like the part where it teaches you to look at numbers and problems in a different way. That's a super useful message to remember when dealing with whatever life throws at you." - Nil Division


"A great way to get non-math lovers into math" - Cover 2 Cover blog


"A very interesting story" - Tia Ayuzawa, NetGalley


"This is an excellent book for kids (and adults) who enjoy the Book Scavenger series and Mr. Lemoncello's Library series" - Erica Watkins, NetGalley  

"An enterprising math teacher could have some fun with a group of students and this book" - Resource Links

" It is cute, knowledgeable and has so many puzzles to keep you interested" - Rajiv's Reviews


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Jordan and Justin are best friends and the only two kids in their class’s advanced math group. So it isn’t until Stephanie Lewis marches into their classroom that they meet someone who’s as good with numbers as they are. Their shared interest in math quickly draws them together, and the three soon form The Math Kids.


Unfortunately, life as math club kids isn’t always easy. In addition to extra homework, the three friends have two new problems. First, a string of mysterious burglaries has the whole neighbourhood on edge, including their parents. Then, they manage to earn unwanted attention from Robbie, the class bully. Luckily, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie soon learn that their new club may give them the skills they need to solve both problems.


The Math Kids: Prime-Time Burglars, the first book in David Cole's fast-moving math adventure series.

One of Red Tricycle's Best Kids Books of 2018

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About the Author

David Cole has been interested in math since he was a very young boy. He pursued degrees in math and computer science and has shared this love of math at many levels, including teaching at the college level, coaching elementary math teams, and running a summer math camp. He also has a love of writing and has written a number of plays that have been performed. The Math Kids was born of a desire to combine his interests and exercise both sides of his brain at the same time. Find him on LinkedIn.

About the Illustrator

Shannon O’Toole is a Toronto based illustrator, painter and elementary school teacher. Her playful illustration work is inspired by the unique and humorous characters in her life. Aside from illustrating books for children, Shannon has exhibited her artwork in galleries across Ontario. When she is not drawing, Shannon can be found curled up with her dog, Edgar watching old movies.

You can visit her online at or follow her on Instagram @shannonotooleart  

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