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Broken Shards of Time

Broken Shards of Time


Embark on an epic time-traveling adventure with "Broken Shards of Time," a thrilling hard science fiction novel for young adults.

Wren Derecho is the lone survivor of a mysterious accident that took the lives of her parents. As Wren tries to navigate through the pain of grief and loss, she crosses paths with three other individuals and soon realizes that something beyond coincidence has intertwined their lives together. Each of their journeys is marked by immense tragedy, fate, a time machine, and a mysterious power source that seems to be alive . . . and not from this world. From the perspective of these four characters, you’ll find the heartbeat of the story lies within the growth of love, trust and friendship developed from adventure, adversity and a common mission: to rescue their friend and save their city from an unseen yet familiar force. Wren and her team quickly discover that the hero of any story can easily become the villain.

With dynamic characters and a gripping plot, "Broken Shards of Time" is a captivating and thought-provoking read for young adults interested in science fiction and the consequences of time travel.

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