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Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent

By Pen Avey

A child with a large head (Dethbert) and a robot (Andi) in a space shuttle. Andi looks distressed as meteors shower outide the window.

Dethbert Jones is your average middle grader – only he lives on the planet Crank with his pet chicken-snail and his robot best friend Andi Social. When he and Andi join the Space Cadets, a Scouts-like organization, they are totally smooshed at the prospect of going to Space Camp where they’ll learn to pilot a real shuttlecraft and disintegrate weapons of mass destruction. Blamtastic!


To earn his cosmic correspondent badge, Dethbert begins writing to an earthling – and boy, does he have a lot to write about! Between questions about Earth food, culture, and activities, Dethbert recounts his experiences attempting to avoid his horrible little brother, impress his animal-obsessed crush, and fly a space shuttle. Misadventures – from hairy ankles to crash landings – abound, but Dethbert’s curiosity and enthusiasm can’t be crushed, not by anything in this galaxy, anyway!


Join Dethbert on his blamtastic space adventures in Dear Earthling, a middle grade novel by Pen Avey coming in fall 2018.

Black and white illustration of a snailwih he head and wings of a chicken
Pen Avey
About the Author

Pen Avey writes and illustrates for children from her home in Norfolk, UK. She is quite a nosy person, but uses the cover story 'RESEARCH' to hide it. When not being unduly curious about the affairs of others, Pen enjoys hanging out with her family and playing with her pet cats, Crumble and Mortimer.​

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