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Hints for Designing a Book Cover


Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a book cover.

The Cover Helps a Book Sell


A book cover fundamental job is to entice readers to buy the book. It needs to show what’s in the book in a way that immediately grabs the reader’s attention and makes them curious to learn more.


The Cover Tells What Kind of Story It Is and Who It’s For


The cover needs to indicate what kind of story it is. Is it a detective story? A pirate story? An adventure? Who is the story for? Make sure it appeals to the correct age group.


The Cover Shows What the Book Is About in a Unique Way


Here is where you can reveal a bit of the plot by having the main character(s) doing something in the picture, something that makes the viewer go “hm, I’d like to know more!”


The Cover Has a Nice Blend of Type and Art


The title and author and illustrator's names must be clear and easy to read. Super-fancy fonts and lettering can be distracting.


The Cover Makes You Want the Book


The number one thing you should ask yourself when designing a book cover is, "Would I pick this book up at the bookstore?"

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