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The Mad Scientist Next Door

Emily and Sam



Dave Cole

Matty Mitchel

A new mystery unfolds when Emily and Sam get a new neighbor!

Emily and Sam are excited to see a moving van next door, but the new neighbor isn’t quite what they were hoping for. He doesn’t have any kids, seems grumpy, wears a weird white lab coat, and he keeps getting heavy boxes delivered to his garage.

Could he really be a mad scientist? And could he have something to do with their friend’s missing dogs? The siblings can’t accuse him of anything without evidence, so they set out to use the scientific method to prove he’s up to something.

The second chapter book in the Emily and Sam series offers opportunities to investigate alongside the siblings to solve the case of the mad scientist next door!


September 2024

102 Pages | 5.5 × 8.5

Chapter Book (6-9)

ISBN 9781988761961



About the Author:

Dave Cole has degrees in math and computer science and has shared his passion for education at many levels, including teaching at the college level, coaching elementary math teams, and running a summer math camp. He also has a love of writing and has written a number of plays as well as The Math Kids series (as David Cole). Find him on his website or on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About the Illustrator:

Matty Mitchel was born and raised in Australia but found his way to Seattle  eleven years ago and has recently moved back to Fremantle, Western Australia  with his wife, son, daughter, and dog. If Matty’s not chasing (or being chased by)  his two munchkins, he’s drawing, and if he’s not drawing, then he can be found  making something creative, and if he’s not creating something, then he is  skateboarding, and if that’s not the case, then he is probably snuggling with his  lovely wife on the couch watching TV

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