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Asha and Baz Meet Katia Krafft

Asha and Baz



Caroline Fernandez

Dharmali Patel

In the fourth book in the Asha and Baz series, readers learn about volcanoes from renowned volcanologist Katia Kraft!

Asha wants to win a super cool volcanic rock by solving the Great Volcano Challenge at school. So she and her best friend Baz use their magic stick to travel to Iceland in 1973 to learn from famous volcano researcher Katia Krafft.

She's sure to be able to help them with their project, but she's got an eruption to observe and data to record―and ash, lava, and smelly gases are a lot more scary than a classroom. With safety concerns rising, Asha and Baz will need to keep their cool to get back home and win the prize.


March 2024

114 Pages | 5.5 × 8.5

Chapter Book

ISBN 9781988761916



About the Author:

Caroline Fernandez is an award-winning author of children’s books, magazine feature articles and blog posts. Filed away in her office is an English degree from McMaster University and a teacher of English as a second language certificate. She is the author of the popular Boredom Busters (series), Stop Reading This Book, The Adventures of Grandmasaurus (series), Asha and Baz (series) and more!  She writes, reads, and bakes in Toronto, Ontario. You can follow her on Twitter @parentclub and/or Instagram @parentclub.

About the Illustrator:

Dharmali Patel studied at the Mumbai-Rachna Sansad School of Applied Arts, where she majored in illustration, and the Vancouver Film School, where she earned her bachelor's in 2D classical animation. In the past 20 years, she has worn the

hats of animation director, art director, visual development artist, designer, and illustrator. Dharmali is honoured that authors trust her with their beautiful words and allow her to visually conceive the world and characters that ultimately become their books. She hopes that her imagery will inspire young minds and encourage a love of reading and beautiful art. Currently, Dharmali lives and works in Toronto. She is represented by Illustration Online LLC.

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