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Around The Web: Bookish Gifts, Words with No English Equivalent, Jane Austen's House, and a Puzzle

Welcome back, readers! This week’s round up of all things bookish includes goodies for shoppers, logophiles, Janeites, and puzzlers. Read on and enjoy!

Gifts for Book Lovers

The holiday season is coming up and if you’re looking for some bookish gifts for your loved ones (or you want to treat yourself), look no further than Book Riot’s list of “60+ Best Gifts for Book Lovers.” Remember that it’ll probably be a busy year for postal service, so remember to order gifts early.

Words with No English Equivalent

Ever had a feeling or been in a situation and thought “I wish there was a word for that”? Maybe one of these thirty-eight words with no English equivalent will do.

Jane Austen’s House

Jane Austen fans rejoice! You can tour Jane Austen’s house without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Check out the virtual tour to see where Austen lived and learn all about the life of the Pride & Prejudice author.

A Literary Puzzle

Cain’s Jawbone is one of the most intriguing literary puzzles. It’s a murder mystery in which all the pages are out of order, and it’s only been solved three times in one hundred years, most recently by British writer John Finnemore. The Guardian has the full story.


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